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Jared Woodfill, Chairman, HCRP

Jared Woodfill, a life-long resident of Harris County, knows that dedication and commitment are keys to success in politics and in life. Woodfill learned the meaning of hard work at a very young age. His mother, an instructor at San Jacinto College, taught him the importance of a solid education, and his father, an employee of NASA who helped bring the Apollo 13 crew home, instilled in him the desire to serve his community. Woodfill is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and a cum laude graduate of St. Mary's University School of Law.

Faith and family have always been extremely important to Woodfill. He and his wife, the former Celeste Ponce, attend Lakewood Church.

Taken together, Woodfill's background plays an important part in his character, and it is Woodfill's unquenchable passion for justice and doing what is right in Harris County that has propelled Woodfill into a position of respect and leadership.

Woodfill is the only chairman to be elected for six consecutive terms, for a total of 12 years serving the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP.) A number of records and unprecedented achievements have accumulated during this time.

During Woodfill's tenure as Chairman, the HCRP has raised over $20 million, had four countywide electoral sweeps, presided over best election cycle in HCRP history (2010), and mitigated the losses from the Obama wave with an aggressive grassroots effort. Even in 2012, Woodfill managed to ensure a strong downballot victory ratio, despite the many reported issues of faulty voting machines, and potential fraud by the other party. In 2012 under Woodfill's watch, incumbents won and we picked up seven benches while the rest of the country was losing seats. In addition to these benchmarks, Harris County had a record number of straight ticket votes-over 500,000.

Woodfill's leadership has earned him six terms not because he is static and inflexible, but because Woodfill knows when it is time to change approach. The future of the Republican Party is no longer only our "message," Woodfill recently stated, but "how this message is distributed." President Obama hurt Texas with new data innovations that maximize turnout amongst largely inactive groups. Woodfill has given Harris County the tools it needs to combat and mirror Democrat success with "big data."

The digital data aggregation tool rVotes is the same software used by Democrats to gain ground in 2008 and 2012. HCRP now has this software and will be using it going forward - making Harris County ground zero for the next wave of Republican victory.

While heading up what is arguably the most important county chairmanship in the state of Texas, previously led by the likes of George H.W. Bush, Woodfill has also managed his own independent legal practice, and has spearheaded a host of media efforts aimed at defending the values and way of life prized in Harris County, most recently leading the charge on the contentious abortion discourse in Harris County and much of Texas. The brutality of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell prompted reforms of abortion clinics in Texas to ensure the safety of women and prevent infanticide of living infants. It was Woodfill who held the line in Harris County and pushed against fringe elements in the Republican Party who would rather late term abortions continue and abortion clinics be unregulated. Woodfill, standing on his firm belief in the sanctity of life and our nation's Constitution, refused to capitulate to these elements.

Woodfill has been quoted in Wall Street Journal, NY Times, the Houston Chronicle, Human Events, Austin-American Statesman, Dallas Morning News (DMN), and just about every major paper in the country. Woodfill co-hosted the local affiliate Fox 26 program "Faceoff", and has been a guest on the O'Reilly Factor.

Television & Radio credits include Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, NPR, et al.

In addition to his executive role as Chairman of the HCRP, Woodfill also serves as chairman of the Judicial Screening Committee, the Republican Leadership Council and holds the title of "Special Commissioner for Harris County." Woodfill has always been a dedicated servant of the Republican Party, even before he was chairman, initially elected as Vice Chairman for Senate District 17's District Convention & functioning as Legal Counsel for the HCRP. Woodfill has been a delegate to numerous state and senatorial conventions.

Woodfill - the youngest party chairman ever elected and serving longer than any other chair - is also a loving father with two wonderful kids, a newborn son and a daughter of 3 years.


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