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Mayor Parker Abuses Her Office
By: Jared Woodfill - Email
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party

Chairman Jared WoodfillOn Wednesday, Houston Mayor Annise Parker continued to show her true self as an extreme liberal that does not share the values of Texans and Houstonians. Without a vote from the Houston City Council, Mayor Parker dictated that the city will now pay the benefits for spouses of employees in same-sex marriages performed in other states. Never mind that a same-sex couple cannot even get a divorce in Texas for a same-sex marriage performed in another state.

Mayor Parker and City Attorney David Feldman wrongly have interpreted the Supreme Court case this summer to apply to the city. Never mind that the voters of Texas worded the Texas Constitution to ban such unions. Never mind that the voters of Houston worded the Houston City Charter to ban such benefits. Mayor Parker unilaterally declared the Houston City Charter and the Texas Constitution illegal.

Mayor Parker has abused her office by her actions this week. It is no surprise that she did this only after her reelection because she knows she is an extremist that the voters of Houston would not support if they knew the real Annise Parker. Her entire campaign was negative and she has never had more than ten percent of the city's support in an election.

We are Houston, not San Franscisco. We are Texas, not New York. We hold the values of marriage being a sacred institution between one man and one woman. Mayor Parker will be taken to court and defeated. The rule of law and family values in Houston will be victorious.

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