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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Help Us Elect Republican Judges!

Our Republican judges and judicial candidates need your help to win!

This November, Harris County voters will have the opportunity to cast their votes in at least 75 judicial elections. Electing that many judges, who will make important decisions that affect everyone, can make voting a daunting task.

To assist voters, we have assembled information on all 2018 Harris County Republican judges and candidates on a single website. We invite you to visit RepublicanJudges.com to learn about these judges and candidates on the November ballot.

Harris County has the longest ballot in America, so we hope you will find RepublicanJudges.com a ready and helpful source of information about our judges and candidates.