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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Precinct Chair Resource Page

Welcome to the Precinct Chair Resource Page! This is your source for quickly and easily finding the information you need in order to be an effective and active precinct chair. This page will be updated continually with new information, so check back frequently for improvements and revisions. 

If you have suggestions for items that should be on this page, or (impossible, but still statistically feasible) have found a correction that needs to be made, please email the HCRP Executive Director Nathan Gordon with the information.

Precinct Chair FAQs

What are the qualifications and responsibilities of a Precinct Chair? Click to find out!

Training Materials

For personalized training sessions by appointment, please contact Bob Hall (281) 636-9613, special assistant to the chairman.

Precinct Convention Training Videos (2016)

2016 22 16 Pct Convtn 01

2016 22 16 Pct Convtn 02


Countdown to Election Action Plan
Volunteer Request Forms
Donation Request Letter
PC Endorsement Letter #1
PC Endorsement Letter #2


Sample Letter: Thanks For Your Interest in the Precinct Chair Position
Precinct Chair FAQ
Precinct Chair Vacancy Application

Advantage Manuals/Demos

For personalized 1 on 1 training sessions, please contact Special Assistant to the HCRP Chair, Bob Hall (281) 636-9613.

  1. Find and Attend an Advantage Training session
  2. Nathan's PowerPoint Guide - How to Build a Walk Book (PPT)
  3. Nathan's PowerPoint Guide - How to Build a Call List (PPT)  

NationBuilder Manuals/Demos

  1. Find and Attend a NationBuilder Training session 


  1. Countdown to Election Form (PDF)
  2. Precinct Chair Endorsement Letter 1 (Word)
  3. Precinct Chair Endorsement Letter 2 (Word)
  4. Volunteer Request Form (PDF) 

Training & Development Committee

Committee Members: 

Click on name for email address 

Charlotte Lampe         Chair | Training & Development

Leslie Shatto              Vice-Chair | Training & Development  

Patrick Gant               Secretary | Training & Development 

Bob Hall                     Special Assistant to HCRP Chair | Training & Development 

Sharon Jennings         

Jeff Larson                 

Gerry Vander-Lynn               

Glenn Heathcock 


HCRP- Precinct Chairs (Facebook Page-news and events source)

HCRP- Precinct Chairs (Facebook Group-Files and Resources along with PC-to-PC Connections)

Countywide Precinct Chair Map (big PDF)

Business Cards & Name Tags

Business Cards:
Inkbox Printing | 4822 N. Sam Houston Parkway West 200 | Houston, TX 77086
Contact Info: 281-519-1818 or info@inkboxprinting.com
Cost: contingent upon amount 

Name Tags:
A magnetic name badge with the HCRP logo can be purchased at:
M & N Rubber Stamps | 8566 Katy Freeway #127 (near Bingle) | Houston TX 77024
Contact Info: 713-467-0238 or mnname@peoplepc.com,  Ask for Margie or Vicky
Cost: $10, plus tax and shipping or you can pick up at the store

Speakers Clearinghouse

Various speakers - elected officials, candidates and party members and leaders are available to speak at your event. Click the link below for more details.

Click to book a Republican Elected Official or Candidate for your next event