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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


2019 Election Info


First Day to File: Wednesday, January 16, 2019        
Last Day to File: Friday, February 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM        
Election Day: Saturday, May 4, 2019        
Texas SOS Calendar: https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/laws/may-4-election-law-calendar-2019.shtml    
Name Primary Title Secondary Title Contact Information Pct Elections
BAYTOWN:     https://www.baytown.org   Nov.
Laura Alvarado Councilman District 1   district1@baytown.org   2019
Chris Presley Councilman District 2   district2@baytown.org   2019
Charles Johnson Councilman District 3   district3@baytown.org   2019
Rick Davis City Manager   citymanager@baytown.org    
BELLAIRE:     https://www.bellairetx.gov   Nov.
Andrew S. Friedberg Mayor   afriedberg@bellairetx.gov   2019
Trisha S. Pollard Councilman - Position No. 2   TPollard@bellairetx.gov   2019
Pat B. McLaughlan Councilman - Position No. 4   pmclaughlan@bellairetx.gov   2019
David R. Montague Councilman - Position No. 6   DMontague@bellairetx.gov   2019
BUNKER HILL VILLAGE:     https://www.bunkerhilltx.gov 440 May
Jay Williams Mayor   sjwilliams@bunkerhilltx.gov   2019
Jay Janecek Councilmember - Position 4 Mayor Pro Tem jjanecek@bunkerhilltx.gov   2019
Laurie Rosenbaum Councilmember - Position 5   lrosenbaum@bunkerhilltx.gov   2019
DEER PARK:     http://www.ci.deer-park.tx.us   May
Jerry Mouton, Jr. Mayor Email for Mayor and all of City Council cityhall@deerparktx.org   2019
Sherry Garrison Council Position 1       2019
Thane Harrison Council Position 2       2019
Tommy Ginn Council Position 3       2019
EL LAGO:     https://www.ellago-tx.com   May
John Skelton Mayor   skeltojf@comcast.net   2019
Jeff Tave Council Position 1   jtave@ellago-tx.gov   2019
Jeff Michalak Council Position 2   jmichalak@ellago-tx.gov   2019
FRIENDSWOOD:     https://www.ci.friendswood.tx.us   May
Robert J. Griffon Councilmember, Pos 4       2019
Carl W. Gustafson Councilmember, Pos 6   cgustafson@friendswood.com   2019
GALENA PARK:     https://www.cityofgalenapark-tx.gov   May
All positions appear to be elected in 2020          
HEDWIG VILLAGE:     http://www.thecityofhedwigvillage.com 441 May
Brian T. Muecke Mayor   BMuecke@hedwigtx.gov   2019
Matt Woodruff Council Member Position 4   MWoodruff@hedwigtx.gov   2019
Shirley Rouse Council Member Position 5   SRouse@hedwigtx.gov   2019
HILSHIRE VILLAGE:     http://www.hilshirevillagetexas.com 443 May
Robert Swanson Councilmember, Position 3   robert.swanson@hilshirevillagetexas.com   2019
Paul Maddock Councilmember, Position 4 Mayor Pro Tem paul.maddock@hilshirevillagetexas.com   2019
David Gunn Councilmember, Position 5   david.gunn@hilshirevillagetexas.com   2019
HOUSTON:     http://www.houstontx.gov   Nov.
          * = Term
Sylvester Turner Mayor   sylvester.turner@houstontx.gov   2019
Mike Knox Councilmember At Large 1   atlarge1@houstontx.gov   2019
David Robinson Councilmember At Large 2   atlarge2@houstontx.gov   2019
Michael Kubosh Councilmember At Large 3   atlarge3@houstontx.gov   2019
Amanda Edwards Councilmember At Large 4   atlarge@houstontx.gov4   2019
Jack Christie Councilmember At Large 5   atlarge5@houstontx.gov   *2019
Brenda Stardig Councilmember District A   districta@houstontx.gov   *2019
Jerry Davis Councilmember District B Vice Mayor Pro Tem districtb@houstontx.gov   *2019
Ellen Cohen Councilmember District C   districc@houstontx.gov   *2019
Dwight Boykins Councilmember District D   districtd@houstontx.gov   2019
Dave Martin Councilmember District E   districte@houstontx.gov   2019
Steve Le Councilmember District F   districtf@houstontx.gov   2019
Greg Travis Councilmember District G   districtg@houstontx.gov   2019
Karla Cisneros Councilmember District H Mayor Pro Tem districth@houstontx.gov   2019
Robert Gallegos Councilmember District I   districti@houstontx.gov   2019
Mike Laster Councilmember District J   districtj@houstontx.gov   *2019
Martha Castex-Tatum Councilmember District K   districtk@houstontx.gov   2019
HUMBLE:     http://www.cityofhumble.com   May
Merle Don Aaron, Sr. Mayor       2019
Andy Curry Council Member 1       2019
Ray Calfee Council Member 2       2019
HUNTERS CREEK VILLAGE:     http://cityofhunterscreek.com 213 May
Jim Pappas Mayor   jimpappas@cityofhunterscreek.org   2019
Chip Cowell City Council Position #4   ccowell@cityofhunterscreek.org   2019
Jay Carlton City Council Position #5   jbcarlton@cityofhunterscreek.org   2019
JACINTO CITY:     http://www.jacintocity-tx.gov   May
Ana Diaz Mayor   ana.diaz@jacintocity-tx.gov   2019
Carmela Garcia Council Position 4   carmela.garcia@jacintocity-tx.gov   2019
Mario Gonzales Council Position 5   mario.gonzales@jacintocity-tx.gov   2019
JERSEY VILLAGE:     http://www.ci.jersey-village.tx.us   May
Justin Ray Mayor   jray@ci.jersey-village.tx.us   2019
Greg Holden Council Member Place 2   gholden@ci.jersey-village.tx.us   2019
Bobby Warren Council Member Place 3   bwarren@ci.jersey-village.tx.us   2019
KATY:     http://cityofkaty.com   May
Chuck Brawner Mayor       2019
Frank Carroll, III Councilmember Ward A   councilmembers@cityofkaty.com   2019
Jimmy Mendez Jr. Councilmember Ward B   councilmembers@cityofkaty.com   2019
KEMAH (GALVESTON COUNTY):     https://www.kemah-tx.gov   May
Carl Joiner Mayor   mayorjoiner@kemah-tx.com   2019
Wanda Zimmer City Council Position 2   wzimmer@kemah-tx.com   2019
Robin Collins City Council Position 4   rcollins@kemah-tx.com   2019
LA PORTE:     http://www.laportetx.gov   May
John P. Zemanek Councilmember At Large A   atlargea@laportetx.gov   2019
Kristin Martin Councilmember District 4   district4@laportetx.gov   2019
Jay Martin Councilmember District 5 Mayor Pro Tem district5@laportetx.gov   2019
LEAGUE CITY (GALVESTON COUNTY):     http://www.leaguecitytx.gov   Nov.
All positions will be elected in 2020 and 2022          
MISSOURI CITY (FORT BEND AND HARRIS COUNTIES):     https://www.missouricitytx.gov   Nov.
Reginald Pearson Council Member - District A   reginald.pearson@missouricitytx.gov   2019
Jeffrey L. Boney Council Member - District B   jeffrey.boney@missouricitytx.gov   2019
Anthony Maroulis Council Member - District C   anthony.maroulis@missouricitytx.gov   2019
Floyd Emery Council Member - District D   femery@missouricitytx.gov   2019
MEADOWS PLACE (FORT BEND COUNTY):     https://cityofmeadowsplace.org   May
Charles D. Jessup, IV Mayor   mayor@cityofmeadowsplace.org   2019
Terry J. Henley Alderman 4   alderman4@cityofmeadowsplace.org   2019
Kelle K. Mills Alderman 5   alderman5@cityofmeadowsplace.org   2019
MORGAN'S POINT:     https://www.morganspoint-tx.com   May
Richard Helmle Council Member Position 1       2019
Craig Bland Council Member Position 3       2019
Mike Fowler Council Member Position 5 Mayor Pro Tem     2019
PASADENA:     https://www.pasadenatx.gov   May
Felipe Villarreal Council Member District A   fvillarreal@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Bruce Leamon Council Member District B   BLeamon@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Don Harrison Council Member District C   dharrison@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Sammy Casados Council Member District D   scasados@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Cody Ray Wheeler Council Member District E   cwheeler@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Phil Cayten Council Member District F   pcayten@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Cary Bass Council Member District G   cbass@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
Thomas Schoenbein Council Member District H   tschoenbein@ci.pasadena.tx.us   2019
PEARLAND (BRAZORIA, HARRIS, AND FORT BEND COUNTIES):     https://www.pearlandtx.gov/   May
Tony Carbone Councilmember - Position 1   tcarbone@pearlandtx.gov   2019
J. David Little Councilmember - Position 5   jdlittle@pearlandtx.gov   2019
Trent Perez Councilmember - Position 6 Mayor Pro Tem tperez@pearlandtx.gov   2019
PINEY POINT VILLAGE:     http://www.cityofpineypoint.com 273 May
        572 (part of)  
John Ebeling Alderman Position 1 Mayor Pro Tem john@ppvcouncil.org   2019
Dale Dodds Alderman Position 2   dale@ppvcouncil.org   2019
Brian Thompson Alderman Position 5   brian@ppvcouncil.org   2019
RICHMOND (FORT BEND COUNTY):     http://www.richmondtx.gov/government/form-of-government   May
 Barry C. Beard Commissioner Position 2   bbeard@richmondtx.gov   2019
 Josh Lockhart Commissioner Position 4   jlockhart@richmondtx.gov   2019
ROSENBERG (FORT BEND COUNTY):     https://rosenbergtx.gov   May
William T. “Bill” Benton Mayor   william.benton@rosenbergtx.gov   2019
Jacob Balderas Councilor At Large, Position 1   %20jacob.balderas@rosenbergtx.gov   2019
Amanda J. Barta Councilor At Large, Position 2   amanda.barta@rosenbergtx.gov   2019
SEABROOK:     http://www.seabrooktx.gov   May
Thom Kolupski Mayor   mayor@seabrooktx.gov   2019
Laura Davis At-Large Position 2   ldavis@seabrooktx.gov   2019
Natalie Picha At-Large Position 4 Mayor Pro Tem npicha@seabrooktx.gov   2019
Joe Machol At-Large Position 6   jmachol@seabrooktx.gov   2019
SHOREACRES:     cityofshoreacres.us   May
Jerome McKown Alderman   jmckown@cityofshoreacres.us   2019
Karen Harris Alderwoman   kharris@cityofshoreacres.us   2019
Felicia Ramos Alderwoman   framos@cityofshoreacres.us   2019
SOUTH HOUSTON:     https://www.southhoustontx.org   May
Joe Soto Mayor   lavant@shpdtx.org   2019
Mary Castillo Councilwoman Position 1   mhcastillo34@gmail.com   2019
Willie Rios Councilman Position 2   blastncoat1@yahoo.com   2019
Cynthia Pina Councilwoman Position 3   pinacynthia2011@yahoo.com   2019
Louis Martinez Councilman Position 4   louis.martinez@ppg.com   2019
Irena Tamayo Councilwoman Position 5   IreneTamayoRN@yahoo.com   ?
SOUTHSIDE PLACE:     http://www.southside-place.org   May
Glenn "Pat" Patterson Mayor   mayorpatterson@southside-place.org   ?
Melissa Byers Councilwoman   mbyers@southside-place.org   ?
Melissa Knop Councilwoman   mknop@southside-place.org   ?
Jennifer Anderson Councilwoman   janderson@southside-place.org   ?
Douglas Corbett Councilman   dcorbett@southside-place.org   ?
Andy Chan Councilman   achan@southside-place.org   ?
SPRING VALLEY VILLAGE:     https://www.springvalleytx.com 116 May
Tom Donaho Council Member   tdonaho@springvalleytx.com   2019
Joy McCormack Council Member   jmccormack@springvalleytx.com   2019
Marcus Vajdos Council Member   mvajdos@springvalleytx.com   2019
STAFFORD (FORT BEND AND HARRIS COUNTIES):     http://www.staffordtx.gov   May
Leonard Scarcella Mayor   mayor@staffordtx.gov   2019
Virginia Rosas Council Member Mayor Pro Tem? vrosas@staffordtx.gov   ?
Cecil Willis     cwillis@staffordtx.gov   ?
Wen Guerra     wguerra@staffordtx.gov   ?
Ken Mathew     kmathew@staffordtx.gov   ?
Arthur J. Honore   Mayor Pro Tem? ahonore@staffordtx.gov   ?
Don Jones     djones1@staffordtx.gov   ?
SUGAR LAND (FORT BEND COUNTY):     https://www.sugarlandtx.gov   May
Steve R. Porter Council Member, District 1   sporter@sugarlandtx.gov   2019
Bridget R. Yeung Council Member, District 2   byeung@sugarlandtx.gov   2019
Amy L. Mitchell Council Member, District 3   amitchell@sugarlandtx.gov   2019
Carol K. McCutcheon Council Member, District 4   cmccutcheon@sugarlandtx.gov   2019
TAYLOR LAKE VILLAGE:     https://www.taylorlakevillage.us   May
Jon Keeney Mayor   mayor@tlv-tx.us   2019
Doug Blanchard Council Position 2   dblanchard@tlv-tx.us   2019
Einar Goerland Council Position 4 Mayor Pro Tem egoerland@tlv-tx.us   2019
TOMBALL:     http://www.ci.tomball.tx.us   May
Gretchen Fagan Mayor   gfagan@ci.tomball.tx.us   2019
Chad Degges Councilman, Position 3   cdegges@tomballtx.gov   2019
WEBSTER:     http://www.cityofwebster.com   May
Larry Tosto City Council Position #3   ltosto@cityofwebster.com   2019
Beverly Gaines City Council Position #4   bgaines@cityofwebster.com   2019
Edward Lapeyre City Council Position #5   elapeyre@cityofwebster.com   2019
WEST UNIVERSITY PLACE:     http://www.westutx.gov   May
          * = Term
Susan Sample Mayor   ssample@westutx.gov   2019*
Kellye Burke Councilmember   kburke@westutx.gov   2019
Kevin Boyle Councilmember   kboyle@westutx.gov   2019
Bob Higley Councilmember   bhigley@westutx.gov   2019
Mardi Turner Councilmember Mayor Pro Tem mturner@westutx.gov   2019*