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Democrat County Judge Lina Hidalgo Uses Skewed Survey by Left-Wing Organizers to Create Countywide Agenda

HOUSTON, June 20, 2019 – Instead of caring for the needs of all Harris County citizens, Democrat County Judge Lina Hidalgo is using left-wing organizers and campaign organizations like Texas Organizing Project (TOP) to craft policy and priorities. That Democrat Judge Hidalgo would use a biased skewed "survey" to govern is irresponsible and blatantly disregards the needs and voices of the citizens she was elected to serve. 

(Check out these reports for a refresher on TOP: a Dallas News Feb 2018 story about TOP campaigning for Democrats in Dallas, a House of Reps April 2010 report about TOP as an ACORN successor, and a Texas Monthly article about TOP campaigning for Democrats.)

Just take it from political scientists who recently spoke out to debunk the methodology of Hidalgo's survey:

"Political scientists, however, cautioned that the results should not be used as a basis for public policy because the survey was not representative of Harris County residents as a whole. The poll was designed to over-sample neighborhoods with historically low levels of civic participation, such as Acres Homes, Near Northside, Gulfton and Galena Park."

"'It would be irresponsible to use this document for any serious public policy initiatives, based on the logic that this somehow represents the will, or the opinion, or attitudes of the population of Harris County residents,' said Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University.

"The approach, the surveyors’ acknowledged, resulted in disproportionate sampling of economic, racial and ethnic groups. Hispanic and black residents were over-sampled, while white and Asian residents were under-sampled.

"The survey was offered online, though about three-fourths of the responses were collected through canvassing by outside groups, including the Texas Organizing Project, Boat People SOS, Chinese Community Center and Emgage."

"Jay Aiyer, a former political scientist at Texas Southern University said... the survey fails to offer a representative cross-section of Harris County residents...

"'Should this drive policy? Probably not,' Aiyer said."

While Hidalgo's survey explicitly states: "Judge Hidalgo intends to prioritize administrative policies, practices, and funding based on these issues." (Page 3)

According to The Chronicle, she now claims: "...the study was never intended to be scientific. Rather, she said her office wanted to hear from residents who are unlikely to attend events because of work, transportation or family obstacles."

Even the Houston Chronicle's Assistant City Editor questioned the County Judge's approach:

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