Harris County Republican Party November 2021 Election Information

School Board Endorsements

Alief ISD

Aleif ISD Position 5

Harvey Tong

Cy Fair ISD

Cy Fair ISD Position 5

Natalie Blasingame

Cy Fair ISD Position 6

scott henry

Cy Fair ISD Position 7

lucas scanlon

Klein ISD

Klein ISD Position 2

matt skaggs

Klein ISD Position 4

dustin creager

Klein ISD Position 5

kristin cobb

Houston ISD

Houston ISD District V

caroline walter

Houston ISD District Vi

kendall baker

Houston ISD District Vi

greg degeyter

Houston ISD District Vii

bridget wade

Houston ISD District IX

joshua rosales


Proposition 1

Sports Team Charitable Raffle

Vote Yes

This would allow charitable raffles to be conducted at rodeo events hosted or sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Proposition 2

County to finance Development Through Bonds

Vote No

This would allow a county to issue debt to finance transportation infrastructure, excluding toll roads, in underserved parts of the county.
State Republican Executive Committee has issued a resolution against this proposition 62-0

Proposition 3

Prohibit limit of a religious service

Vote Yes

This would mean a governmental entity could not limit or prohibit religious services.

The 1st amendment provides Congress will make no law prohibiting free exercise of religion.  This codifies it in the Texas constitution.

Proposition 4

Eligibility for Judicial offices

Vote Yes

This would require 10 years of experience as a practicing lawyer in the State of Texas or a practicing lawyer and judge of a state court or county court for a combined total of at least 10 years to be eligible to serve as Chief Justice or Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas.

Proposition 5

State commission on Judicial conduct regarding candidates

Vote Yes

Currently, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct may only handle complaints against existing judges. This amendment would extend the Commission's authority to impose the same standards on all judicial candidates as it does for those who are already judges, therefore ensuring all candidates for judicial positions are treated equally.

Proposition 6

Essential Care Giver

Vote Yes

This amendment would guarantee residents of long-term care facilities the right to designate someone as an essential caregiver. Though they may put certain guidelines in place, these facilities would not be allowed to prohibit residents from visiting with their designated caregivers.

Proposition 7

Exempt from School tax surviving spouse of disabled if 55+

Vote Yes

This would allow the surviving spouse of a disabled person to retain the tax ceiling benefit.

Proposition 8

Exempt Ad Valorem tax surviving spouse of armed forces

Vote Yes

This would allow the surviving spouse of a service member who is killed or fatally injured (rather than killed in action) to receive a property tax exemption.