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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee Meeting - 2/3/20

Resolutions Adopted - 2/3/20

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 11/11/19

Resolutions Adopted:

Resolution Supporting President Trump Against the Democrats' Abuse of Power

Resolution to Stand Up for Hong Kong Liberty

Resolution Condemning Pay-to-Play Endorsements

Resolution Endorsing Mike Knox, Willie Davis, Michael Kubosh, Anthony Dolcefino, and Eric Dick for Houston City Council

Resolution to Endorse Amy Peck for Houston City Council District A

Resolution Appointing the Primary Committee for the 2020 Republican Primary in Harris County, Texas

Resolution Designating the Method of Voting for the 2020 Harris County Republican Primary

Resolution Designating the Method of Appointing Election Judges for the 2020 Harris County Republican Primary

Resolution Designating the Method of Drawing of Ballot Positions for the 2020 Harris County Republican Primary

Resolution Fixing the Compensation of Primary Election Personnel for the 2020 Harris County Republican Primary

Harris County Clerk Resolution

Election Code Violations & Problems

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 9/16/19

Resolutions Adopted:

Harris County Republican Party Endorses Mike Knox for Houston City Council

Resolution in Support of Luis H. LaRotta for House District 148

Resolution Opposing the 3.5 Billion METRO Bond Proposition

Resolution in Support of Texas Constitutional Amendments Proposition 4

Resolution on Property Tax Increase

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 5/13/19

Resolutions Adopted:

A Resolution Titled End Pay-to-Play Corruption in the City of Houston

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 2/25/19

Chairman's Presentation

Resolutions Adopted:

Endorsements for May 2019 Pasadena Elections

Resolution on Election Legislation in the 86th Session

Texas Municipal League Resolution

Resolution in Support of Legislative Reform in Certain Special Districts

A Resolution Title to Make Harris County Safe Again

A Resolution Titled Implement Proposition B

Clear Creek ISD Endorsement for May 2019 Elections

Resolution on Flood Priorities

Resolution for Rejection of the Countywide Voting Proposal

Resolution for H.R. 299/H.R. 203 "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019"

Referred to Local Government Committee:

Toll Payer Protection Act Resolution

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 11/19/18

Executive Committee Meeting Call - 9/24/18
Adopted Resolution - 2018 Houston Proposition Recommendations / Mike Sullivan Endorsement

June 23, 2018 - Executive Committee Organizational Meeting (PDF)