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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Current Officers & Committees

Note: The information on this page is updated frequently. Some party officers, committee chairmen, and committee members may be currently vacant for the 2020-2022 term. Some of these positions may be filled via appointment by the County Chair, and some may be determined by vote at the next meeting of the appropriate committee. The upcoming committee meeting schedule can be viewed here.



Office Name
County Chair Cindy Siegel
Vice Chair  
Secretary Josh Flynn
Treasurer Carmen Cuneo
Legal Counsel  
Chaplain Ericka McCrutcheon


Advisory Board

County Chairman Cindy Siegel
HCRP Secretary Josh Flynn
SD 4 Chair Robert Price
SD 6 Chair Rex Teter
SD 7 Chair James Buntrock
SD 11 Chair Jeff Larson
SD 13 Chair Dawn Elliot
SD 15 Chair Rolando Garcia
SD 17 Chair Mary Sergesketter
SD 18 Chair Howard Barker
At-Large Appointee  
At-Large Appointee  
At-Large Appointee  


Special Assistant to the Chairman



Standing Committee Chairs

Committee Name
Financial Oversight Howard Barker
Ballot Security Alan Vera
Financial Development  
Judicial Screening  
Local Government  
Military Partnership  
Rules Josh Flynn
Training & Development Bill Ely
Vacancy Russ Long
Young Leadership Dev.  


Senate District Chairs

Senate District
SD 4 Robert H. Price
SD 6 Rex Teter
SD 7 James Buntrock
SD 11 Jeff Larson
SD 13 Dawn Elliott
SD 15 Rolando Garcia
SD 17 Mary Sergesketter
SD 18 Howard Barker


State Republican Executive Committee
Harris County Members 

Senate District
SD 4 Chris Breaux
SD 4 Gwendolyn Withrow
SD 6 Chris McDonald
SD 6 Dawn McDonald
SD 7 Tom Nobis
SD 7 Deborah Kelting
SD 11 Scott Apley
SD 11 Tanya Robertson
SD 13 Roy Morales
SD 13 Dawn Elliott
SD 15 Rolando Garcia
SD 15 Gail Stanart
SD 17 Sean Cheben
SD 17 Becky Green
SD 18 Joe Walz
SD 18 Edee Sinclair