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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Phone Banking at HCRP Offices Across the County

The stakes are higher than ever in this election. We all need to pitch in NOW to get Republican voters to the polls.

Many Harris County elections in 2012 were decided by 2 to 5 votes per precinct. That means you can make the difference in this critical election. 

Please plan to work your precinct or other targeted areas in the final days to turn out voters who haven't early voted. There will be extra support available reaching those voters in the closing days of this election. Sign up now to Keep Harris County Republican! 

Click here to sign up to for the days, times and places that work best for you, at any of HCRP's seven campaign offices or from the comfort of your home. Please commit to getting Republicans out to vote straight ticket, for every Republican and every Republican judge. 

You can make a difference! 



For questions call 713-838-7900

November 06, 2016 at 9am - 8pm
HCRP Offices Around The County