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The Harris County Republicans Party (HCRP) is a volunteer organization.

HCRP is part of the Texas Republican Party and is the
official Republican Party Organization in Harris County.


Statement on Supreme Court Rulings

Statement on Supreme Court Rulings

In the last few days, Americans witnessed how judicial activism can erode the democratic principles on which our nation was founded. 

As Chair of the Harris County Republican Party, I understand elections and their consequences.  But U.S Supreme Courtdecisions last week imposed judges' personal views in place of the will of the people and silenced the voice of voters in Harris County and all of Texas.  That’s wrong.

With brazen judicial activism, Supreme Court justices rewrote our Constitution and statutes to make the law what they think it should be instead of acting as impartial judges to rule what the law is.  Their decisions also make clear the desire of those justices to remold our republic according to their liberal world-view through judicial fiat.

Preserving liberty requires rule of law, not whim of judges. So I stand with the overwhelming majority of Texans who voted to uphold traditional marriage and whose constitutional rights were trampled by a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. We must fight to elect a Republican president in 2016 to restore balance and to preserve our liberty. Join us in that fight today.

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