July 6, 2023

Harris County GOP Debunks County Attorney’s False Narrative & Baseless Lawsuit

A waste of time, energy, and resources. 


July 6, 2023

Media Contact: Sam Somogye

HOUSTON — This morning, Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee, Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, and others held a press conference where they spread false narratives and highlighted a baseless lawsuit in an attempt to stop the will of Harris County voters.

Harris County GOP Chairman Cindy Siegel issued the following response.

“Today, Democratic leadership in Harris County once again proved they care more about tending to their bruised egos rather than doing what’s best for Harris County voters and the strength of our elections.

“SB 1750 rightfully removes the unelected, failed Elections Administrator and returns the responsibility of running elections to two duly elected officials, the Harris County Clerk, and Tax Assessor-Collector. These two individuals were originally voted into office by Harris County voters, mainly with the expectation they would be the ones responsible for running our elections. Democrats on the Commissioners Court stole the will of the voters the second they formed the Elections Administration. Senator Paul Bettencourt and other Republicans in the state legislature have righted that wrong. 

“To compare a bill that returns accountability by allowing all Harris County voters to cast their ballot for two elected offices deemed accountable for running our elections to the egregious past mistakes of our country, such as poll taxes as some individuals did in that press conference, is a shameless, dangerous, and false narrative. 

“This lawsuit is a waste of time and taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, Democrats in Harris County are more concerned with licking their wounds and crying wolf instead of working around the clock to ensure a smooth election in November.”