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Harris County, home of the Harris County Republican Party and 4.5 million residents from diverse backgrounds, is the third largest county in the country and the largest urban area in the State of Texas. Covering 1,778 square miles, Harris County is larger than Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York City and Seattle combined. Whether we were born here or moved here later in life, Harris County is our home, and Texas stands for the freedom we cherish as conservatives. From the oil fields to downtown skyscrapers to NASA, we dream big and live free. As the Harris County Republican Party, we are committed to ensuring that Harris County continues to provide prosperity and opportunity for current residents and for generations to come.

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Harris County GOP Latest News

Harris County GOP Statement On Houston ISD Takeover

HOUSTON — The Harris County GOP supports the Texas Education Agency (TEA) decision to takeover Houston ISD. Chairman Cindy Siegel issued the following statement. 

“While this is an unfortunate situation, I fully support the TEA taking over HISD in June. When a student repeatedly fails, they have to face the consequences. For years, HISD has failed. In the face of sharp criticism and a looming takeover, the district made no substantial progress in improving the quality of education for its students. We have to draw the line somewhere; today, the TEA drew that line.

Students must come first, and the TEA stepping in is an important first step to getting the largest school district in Texas back on track.”

Harris County GOP Makes History, Raising Over $1,000,000 With Most Successful Lincoln Reagan Dinner Ever

HOUSTON — The Harris County GOP is making history, with 1,400 guests in attendance and $1,000,000 raised during its 2023 Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Friday, March 3, 2023. Chairman Cindy Siegel issued the following statement. 

“The energy in the room the night of our Lincoln Reagan Dinner prove to us what we already know, but the Democrats are too scared to believe — Republicans are committed to winning back Harris County in 2024. This record-setting event shows that Harris County Republicans are fired up and ready to make our county, state, and country stronger and safer.  

“Thank you to our special guests, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and U.S. Representatives Chip Roy and Monica De La Cruz, for making Friday night so memorable with their impassioned remarks. 

“State Senators Brandon Creighton, Mayes Middleton, and Paul Bettencourt deserve special thanks for their tireless efforts to get us past the record-breaking $1,000,000 mark, which sends a clear message to Texas Democrats and the nation that Harris County is building a war chest to fight for election integrity and regain Republican victories in 2024. Of course, none of this would be possible without our grassroots and donors, with whom we will continue to fight alongside every single day to bring fair elections and Republican wins back to Harris County.”

February 13, 2023 EC Adopted Resolutions

Mark V Goloby  Republican Precinct Chair Precinct 398  Repeal Texas Penal Code “Obscenity Exemption” 43.24(c), which allows children access to harmful, explicit, or pornographic materials and 43.25(f)(2 3), which allows sexual performance by a child.  In addition, prohibit teaching, exposure, and/or discussion of sexual matters (mechanics, feelings, orientation, or “gender identity” issues), and prohibit use


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