So, you want to run for office?
Here is how you start.

The decision to run for office is an important one.

Running for office takes time away from your family, friends and your work. Making sure you understand what will be required, if you take this step is important. That means doing your research and due diligence to ensure that you file the correct information with the proper election authority.  It also means understanding what it will take to run a successful campaign.

Some elections are non-partisan (ie, local city council and ISD races). Other elections require you to run in the Republican primary and if successful, then you would be running as the Republican candidate in the general election.

The Harris County GOP does not endorse candidates in the primary. 
If you are successful in winning your primary, our local party will be doing everything that we can to help you win the general election. 

The Harris County GOP may endorse in non-partisan elections.  

Here’s some resources to help get you started!

Harris County Contacts

Local Committee
(all non-partisan races)

Scott Bowen, Chairman

Judicial Screening Committee

SJ Swanson, Chairman

Candidates Committee
(partisan races, excluding judicial)

Kristen Cobb, Chairman

Political Director

Vanessa Ingrassia