September 19, 2023

Harris County GOP Passes Resolution Supporting the Orange County Republican Party Censure of Speaker Dade Phelan

September 19, 2023
Media Contact: Sam Somogye

HOUSTON — Last night, the Harris County Republican Party held its quarterly Executive Committee Meeting, with over 200 precinct chairs in attendance. A resolution supporting the Orange County Republican Party Censuring Texas Speaker of the House Dade Phelan was presented to the body, which overwhelmingly passed.

“I fully support the decision made by our Executive Committee last night,” said Harris County GOP Chairman Cindy Siegel. 

“The growing number of county parties across Texas voicing their displeasure with Speaker Phelan should not be taken with a grain of salt. The voting members of these parties, like our own, are the Grassroots — They’re the backbone and the beating heart of the Republican party. 

“As we head into a special session on school choice, an issue widely supported by Texas voters, I sincerely hope Speaker Phelan and the Texas House of Representatives will deliver for Texans.

“We must remember we have one common goal: Defeating Democrats and stopping their harmful progressive agendas, and expanding the Republican party. We must unite to make that happen.” 

To view the resolution, click HERE. 

View the full press release HERE.