November 11, 2022

VIDEO: Harris County GOP Press Conference on Elections Administrator’s Failure to Properly Manage the Election

We’ve received hundreds of reports from election workers and poll watchers regarding widespread problems by the County officials managing the November 8, 2022, Election.

The incompetence of the Elections Administrator’s office has disenfranchised tens of thousands of voters and undermined the integrity of the election.

Polling locations did not open on time. Machines failed or never worked at the start of the day. Dozens of locations did not receive an adequate amount of ballot paper. And more.

Meanwhile, Democrat county officials continue to violate the law.

The Harris County Republican Party is fighting back with every tool in our toolbox, including legal action.

Watch our press conference discussing the Elections Administrator’s incompetence. And please chip in whatever you can so we can ensure our elections in Harris County are secure. Harris County voters and candidates deserve to have confidence in our elections.