West Loop Conservative Meeting

Hello Patriots –
We have another fantastic speaker this month at our upcoming meeting: Dr. Mary Bowden will be joining us for our February 2022 meeting. 
***We have a NEW LOCATION. Cyclone Anaya’s Woodway – 5761 Woodway Drive. More room and space to spread out – and we have televisions for slide shows and video clips!  Now, we can really pack the room!***
Dr. Mary Bowden has made national headlines because of her strong, principled stand against vaccine mandates. You may remember her time in national and international news when she was severely punished by Methodist Hospital and had her admission privileges suspended in November 2021. According to the hospital, she was spreading “dangerous misinformation” about legitimate alternative treatments to the pandemic – for which this hospital is attempting to make an example of her. Dr. Bowden has been on Fox News, The Michael Berry Show on KTRH, and Larry Elder’s national radio program. We thank her for her courage to stand up and fight for her patients and actual science and medicine – and we are incredibly privileged to have her join us.


Feb 28 2022


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Cyclone Anaya's Woodway
5761 Woodway Drive
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