Local Government Endorsement Application


The Harris County Republican Party (HCRP) does not endorse in any Republican primary election. However, HCRP may endorse in local non-partisan races. It is important for the Republican Party to have representation on local boards and city councils that will represent conservative values and governing principles that are consistent with the Republican platform. Incumbents will be evaluated based on performance in office during previous terms and effectiveness as an advocate for Republican constituents.

The purpose of this policy is to be fair and transparent in HCRP’s endorsement process. Please note that Republican Precinct Chairs may endorse a candidate individually. An Individual Precinct Chair’s endorsement does not reflect an endorsement by HCRP or mean that HCRP will endorse that candidate.

Endorsement Process

  1. It is the responsibility of candidates to apply for endorsements proactively and not rely on HCRP to contact them once they file. Candidates must apply on the HCRP website (the new local gov website page and form are in development). The application will be confidential and only shared with the Local Government Committee interview panelists and Advisory Board.
  2. Local Government Committee panelists and members who have endorsed, donated, or are paid by a campaign in a race may not participate in the interview or vote on any recommendation or endorsement in that race. 
  3. Local Government Committee interview panelists may include all members of the Local Government Committee, members of the Advisory Board, and members of the SREC, but only voting members of the Local Government Committee may vote on endorsement recommendations.
  4. Candidates must have voted in at least one Republican primary within the last ten years.
  5. Candidates must provide three written recommendations:
    1. One from an HCRP precinct chair (preferably from the jurisdiction within the area the candidate is running).
    2. One from an HCRP leader, a Republican Party of Texas official (including SREC members), or a partisan Republican elected official whose jurisdiction includes the area the candidate is running to represent.
    3. One from a Republican community, church, or business leader who does not hold a partisan political title or public office.
  6. If Senate District leadership or groups of Precinct Chairs conduct a recruitment and/or vetting process (grassroots process), which may include candidate forums, straw poll votes, interviews, background checks, and other means of their choosing and design, then the Local Governments Committee shall consider all of this in their deliberations. The Local Governments Committee shall also include in its report a description of the processes conducted by the Senate District
    Leadership or groups of precinct chairs and the results of such processes. This grassroots process shall by no means replace the work of the Local Governments Committee but will complement the work of this committee and serve as an aid when making recommendations for HCRP endorsements.
  7. All candidates who have submitted the appropriate application and written recommendations and completed a background check will be invited to be interviewed by the Local Government Committee.
  8. The Local Government Committee will make recommendations to the Executive Committee or to the HCRP Advisory Committee per HCRP bylaws.
  9. HCRP reserves the right not to endorse in any local non-partisan race.
  10. An endorsement by HCRP is not finalized until the endorsed candidate signs the memorandum of understanding (MOU).
  11. No endorsements will be made until one week and one day after the filing season has opened. However, candidates are encouraged to apply for endorsements as soon as possible. Interviews may begin taking place before filing has started.
  12. Once endorsed by HCRP and the MOU is signed by the candidate, the candidate may publicize that HCRP has endorsed them. HCRP will publish a list of endorsed candidates on HCRP’s website and promote to Republican voters via email and social media. Additional involvement in races will be at HCRP’s discretion.
  13. HCRP will not endorse more than one candidate in a race.
  14. The Advisory Board may waive these requirements before the interview in exceptional circumstances.

IMPORTANT: HCRP will work to assist endorsed candidates in their races. However, this does not mean that HCRP will fund any part of the candidate’s campaign or GOTV efforts. Nor is HCRP responsible for managing the candidate’s race. This is ultimately the candidate’s race and responsibility.

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