December 9, 2022

Harris County GOP Exposes Official Harris County Report Showing 9,307 More Mail-in Ballots Than Turned in by Voters

Widespread Irregularities and Problems Point Towards Gross Incompetence and Potential Malfeasance in the November 8 Election

December 9, 2022
Media Contact: Genevieve Carter, 281-643-0069

HOUSTON – The Harris County Republican Party has discovered through its investigation that the Harris County Elections Administrator has reported 9,307 more votes than what it should be based upon the amount of ballots mailed out and returned by voters. According to Harris County’s official reconciliation report, 54,952 voters returned their mail-in ballots; however, the Harris County Elections Administrator has counted 64,259 mail-in ballots with no explanation for the discrepancy.

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Cindy Siegel said, “In the last month, we have received several thousand reports from voters, election workers, and poll watchers of widespread problems with the November 8 elections. Now, we have identified a discrepancy of 9,307 votes in the Harris County Election Administrator’s official mail-in ballot reporting without any explanation. We have a systematic cancer that has invaded our elections process and it’s critical that we get answers so Harris County voters can have confidence in this election and future elections once again.”

Harris County Republican Party Legal Counsel Andy Taylor said, “We have hard cold evidence of Elections Administrator Clifford Tatum deviating from the law multiple times during the mail-in ballot count process. The voters in Harris County deserve an explanation for the discrepancy listed on the official report. Whether it was gross incompetence, negligence, or malfeasance, it’s important that the public receives answers on what happened, why this election was botched, and how to make sure it never happens again.”

This week, former judge and Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford filed an election contest in the 189th Judicial District Court of Harris County. Click here to view the lawsuit and press conference.