September 27, 2022

Harris County GOP Fires Back at Lina Hidalgo for Misleading Voters on Democrats’ Reckless Budget

Meanwhile, Republican Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey Continue to Fight on Behalf of Harris County Taxpayers


September 27, 2022

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HOUSTON – Harris County Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey broke quorum again today to protect taxpayers from the Democrats’ reckless budget, which includes more wasteful spending and devastating tax increases. Harris County GOP Chairman Cindy Siegel issued the following statement.

“Harris County voters know that Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey fight for our law enforcement daily and strongly support our public safety and healthcare systems, while Lina Hidalgo and the Democrats have proposed defunding our sheriffs and constables and put public safety on the back burner.

“While Lina is busy hiding from her disastrous record, covering up corruption, and spreading misinformation about her reckless budget proposal, our Republican Commissioners are boldly standing up for Harris County taxpayers. Commissioners Ramsey and Cagle broke quorum as a last resort because they are the only ones on Commissioners Court fighting to eliminate wasteful spending, lower taxes for hardworking taxpayers, and put more constables and officers in neighborhoods across the entire county.

“This November, voters will remember how Lina and the Democrats played political games with their tax dollars and vote in Republican leaders who actually know how to budget – like Alex Mealer, Jack Cagle, and Jack Morman.”


  • Property tax values have skyrocketed, and crime has gotten out of control since Democrats took over in Harris County. 
  • Harris County voters are struggling financially due to the economic downturn caused by reckless spending from Democrats, resulting in inflation hitting a 40-year high, skyrocketing grocery bills, and 26% of Harris County residents being unable to pay their utility bills. 
  • Lina Hidalgo continues to spout misinformation about the Harris County budget. The truth is that Harris County spending has increased 40% under Hidalgo’s leadership, and the county is getting an additional $65 million in new tax revenue due to development growth in the county last year.
  • Commissioners Hidalgo, Rodney Ellis, and Adrian Garcia are not telling taxpayers the truth that the budget they support includes a tax increase of $245 million of additional tax dollars due to the dramatic increase in our property values.
  • Spending $48 million on early childhood education or millions of dollars on planting trees will not make our county safer – which is what Hidalgo has done with taxpayer dollars.
  • Commissioner Ramsey has requested 200 new officers, sheriffs, and constables for the entire county to increase public safety during the current crime wave, contrary to the lies Hidalgo continues to spew.