July 16, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

The math is simple…

The Houston Chronicle’s frontpage headline today states, Man accused in death of ex was out on 7 bonds. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence in Houston. The number of homicides has increased 42% this year over 2020. Crime from murders to domestic violence to carjackings to robberies to road rage incidents has become the norm. Why??

  • Harris County Democrat activist criminal court judges are releasing more violent criminals onto our streets with multiple bonds like the criminal in the Chronicle’s headline.
  • The Democrats have defunded the police here and across the country. Harris County Judge Lina Hildago and her gang have cut the funding for the Harris County constables by over $10 million since the beginning of this year.

The math is simple… When violent criminals are let out back onto our city streets multiple times on little or no bond – violent crime will go up. Is it any wonder that police are demoralized when they risk their lives daily to arrest violent criminals – only to see them released again and again with little or no bail? Is it any wonder that the victims of violent crimes and their families feel they do not matter, when the Democrats in the Texas legislature walked out on the special session this week, rather than dealing with legislation on important issues like felony bonds?

This past Monday almost all the Harris County Democrat delegation joined the rest of Democrat state legislators when they fled to DC on private planes, so that they could stop important legislation from being passed due to a lack of a quorum.

All week they have treated the citizens of Harris County to their juvenile behavior with pictures on a party bus with beer and the funny faces they made out of their food posted on social media – instead of doing the job they were elected to do… Deliberate and vote on legislation.

Democrats say they are protecting the rights of the voters. What about the rights of the victims and their families who went to Austin to testify on legislation to stop the revolving door down at the Harris County Criminal Courts?

The math is simple…

The following are the 15 Democrats elected to represent the citizens of Harris County in the Texas legislature who are having fun in DC while crime goes up at home:

  • Senator Boris Miles SD 13
  • Senator Carol Alvarado SD 6
  • Rep. Ann Johnson HD 134
  • Rep. Gene Wu HD 137
  • Rep. Harold Dutton HD 142
  • Rep. Hubert Vo HD 149
  • Rep. Penny Morales-Shaw HD 148
  • Rep. Shawn Thierry HD 146
  • Rep. Christina Morales HD 145
  • Rep. Alma Allen HD 131
  • Rep. Jarvis Johnson HD 139
  • Rep. Mary Ann Perez HD 144
  • Rep. Jon Rosenthal HD 135
  • Rep. Armando Walle HD 140
  • Rep. Senfronia Thompson HD 141

The math is simple… We have 473 days until we can vote these Democrats and the Democrat activist judges out of office in the 2022 General Election!    

It is time to send them a message that we want our elected representatives to do the job they were elected to do – keep their constituents safe! You can help by signing the Crime Stoppers petition below in support of felony bond legislation and by volunteering at the Harris County Republican Party to help win in 2022.


Warm Regards,

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party

P.S. For more information about what is going on with repeat violent offenders, click here to listen to the following interview with Andy Kahan, Director of Victim Services and Advocacy of Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Support Felony Bond Legislation!

Activist Democrat Criminal Court judges are releasing repeat violent criminals back onto our streets with little or no bond. This has caused the crime rate in Harris County and Houston to skyrocket and surpass some of the largest cities in the country, like Chicago. Join Harris County Republican Party and concerned Harris County citizens by adding your name to this letter to support Felony Bond Legislation. Sign the Crime Stoppers letter that encourages the Texas Legislature to address the serious crime wave that has occurred in Harris County due these activist Democrat Criminal Court judges. This has got to stop!


HCRP on The Michael Barry Show

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