August 6, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

The numbers don’t lie…

  • 1.1 million migrants crossed the southern border (more than the number of people in the 10th largest city in the country) since Biden took office.
  • More than 800 unaccompanied children were detained one day this week at the border.
  • There has been a 233% increase in smuggled fentanyl at the border since last year leading to a spike in opioid deaths across the United States.
  • Homicides have increased by 35% in Houston this year compared to last year.
  • 22 Harris County Judges responsible for overseeing the most serious criminal cases have only held 113 trials since July 2020 in spite of an over 90,000 case backlog.
  • At a time when violent crime is going up around the county, over $10 million was cut from the Harris County Constables’ budgets this year by Harris County Judge Lina Hildago and her gang.

What is the common denominator among all the above? Failed Democrat leadership from Biden and Kamala to Harris County Judge Lina Hildago and her gang to Mayor Turner to the fifteen Texas State legislators from Harris County who fled to DC to avoid doing their job to the Harris County activist Democrat judges releasing violent criminals on multiple bonds.

Next month will start the primary season for the 2022 general election. The Harris County Republican Party has been working hard to recruit candidates (including judicial candidates) to block walking to registering new voters to recruiting election workers and poll watchers.

The November 2022 is the most important election we have had in recent history. The numbers don’t lie. The fact is that Harris County and our country cannot afford to continue under Democrat leadership! The safety of our neighborhoods, the prosperity of our county, and the future of our country are dependent upon the Republican Party winning control of the Harris County court system, the Harris County Commissioners’ Court and the US Congress. See how you can help the Harris County Republican Party’s efforts by going to our new website.



We cannot win without your help!

Warm Regards,

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party 

An Evening with Charlie Kirk

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Training and Development Committee Events

Ground Fire
Ground Fire is a Training & Development Committee Program for “in-the-precinct / on-the-job” training, where we canvass precincts for precinct chairs and volunteers, teaching new precinct chairs some of the best practices, processes and lessons learned. This is a great opportunity to learn, and at the same time build our base, our ground game and help Republicans win again.

Ground Fire GOTV Canvassing on Saturday, August 7, 9:30AM – 2:00PM
Precinct 0546 is the center of the targeted area. It is a strong Republican precinct (Average: 73% Republican). So, the goal is to focus on the republican doors. We will begin at a to-be-announced location at 9:30AM, for assignments (we will group in pairs) and instructions and begin canvassing at 10AM. We target completion by 2PM latest and will have a to-be-announced meetup location, possibly a late lunch, for an after-action review and improvement discussion.
Please RSVP using the link below. If you RSVP, please place a placeholder in your calendar! RSVPs are required so we know how many teams, maps and canvass books to create. Logistics details will be sent to the RSVP list 1-2 days prior to the event date. See the map below for the targeted canvassing area.

Support Felony Bond Legislation!

Activist Democrat Criminal Court judges are releasing repeat violent criminals back onto our streets with little or no bond. This has caused the crime rate in Harris County and Houston to skyrocket and surpass some of the largest cities in the country, like Chicago. Join Harris County Republican Party and concerned Harris County citizens by adding your name to this letter to support Felony Bond Legislation. Sign the Crime Stoppers letter that encourages the Texas Legislature to address the serious crime wave that has occurred in Harris County due these activist Democrat Criminal Court judges. This has got to stop!