May 14, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

Elections Matter!

A few months ago at a Republican Women’s Club lunch, I met a woman who was talking about the high crime rate in Houston. She said that every time she sees a post on Facebook or NextDoor about some criminal activity in Houston or her neighborhood, she posts, “Elections matter!”

What a simple, but effective way to get our point across!

Nationally, we are seeing the negative impact of the Biden administration’s and Democrat-led Congress’s policies. Progressive legislation with a huge price tag is being rammed through Congress. President Biden from Day 1 has been signing Executive Orders that have serious outcomes for the security and prosperity of our country that will resonate beyond his four years in office.

Locally, we see what failed Democrat policies and leadership has brought us. Houston’s violent crime rate has surpassed Chicago’s. Local Democrat leadership blames it on the results of Covid. But, last time I checked – Chicago was dealing with Covid, too. Our increasing crime rate is a direct result of the activist Democrat DA and activist Democrat judges who have created a revolving door for criminals in the Harris County Criminal Courts!

Four years after Hurricane Harvey – Mayor Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo have done nothing to ensure Houstonians are better prepared against flooding!

Then there is Houston ISD. Another example of how Democrat leadership has failed our children. The HISD board would rather talk about masks mandates and critical race theory vs. how to improve our failing schools and ensure our children have the education they need for a bright future.

Today the Harris County Republican Party is energized and focused on strengthening our ground game as we look to the 2022 elections. We have had over 400 volunteers sign up since January to help the local party in our efforts. The Executive Committee swore in 57 new precinct chairs a week ago – the largest number ever! Last month we had the most successful Lincoln Reagan Dinner in our history with 1200 people in attendance and 650 people watching at home virtually.

So, the next time you see a post on social media about flooding, crime or other issues that are the direct result of failed Democrat leadership – take the time to post: #ElectionsMatter!

Warm regards-

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party

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Leadership Institute Campaign Workshop

The Leadership Institute’s 2021 Texas Campaign Workshop Tour is coming to Harris County on May 22. The program helps current and prospective candidates, as well their teams and volunteers identify the steps required to run a successful campaign.

Ideal attendees for the Campaign Workshop are individuals looking to become more politically active. Candidates, spouses, campaign staff, activists, and volunteers should attend. This program teaches you how to manage or contribute to a winning campaign. You will learn to create a campaign, finance, and communications plan. Additional on-demand content, which complements this material, is available to program enrollees.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Develop a campaign strategy
• Determine voting goals and voter targeting
• Create a compelling message
• Fundraise for a campaign

May 22, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Studio Movie Grill – City Centre
822 Town and Country Blvd
Houston, TX 77024
Registration fee is $75. No walk-ins. Click here for an agenda.