April 30, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

April 30, 2021

Election Day is tomorrow, May 1! If you haven’t voted yet, check out the Harris County Republican Party’s Voter Guide to find out if you have an election in your area and make a plan to cast your vote for your local representation. Many decisions that our leaders make at the local level greatly impact our communities and our daily lives – especially when it comes to critical issues like crime, education, and flooding. Make your voice heard!

Thank you to all of our GOP candidates for putting your hat in the ring and to the volunteers across Harris County who have block walked, made phone calls, sent letters, delivered signs, worked the polls, and reached out to voters to get out the vote! Your involvement is critical in the election process.

If you’re interested in running for office or being a part of a campaign, I encourage you to check out the Leadership Institute’s Campaign Workshop, which our HCRP Candidates Committee will be hosting on May 22.

See the details below or on our website, and you can always reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Warm regards,

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party

Election Day is TOMORROW!

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 1, is Election Day for voters in eligible areas of Harris County. A total of 18,612 voters cast their ballot during the Early Voting period that concluded on Tuesday, April 27. But there are nearly 400,000 voters eligible to vote in this election!

If you haven’t voted yet, you can cast your ballot anytime between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at any of the 102 voting centers throughout the county. Voters wishing to return a mail ballot can do so during voting hours at 1001 Preston, Houston, Texas, 77002. For the nearest voting location and estimated wait times, go to HarrisVotes.com/locations.

Check out our candidate endorsements below and visit our website for the full Voter Guide and additional information on how to vote in this election.

Fill out this form to find out if you have an election in your area.

Harris County Republican Party 2021 Local Government Endorsed Candidates:

Clear Creek ISD At-Large Pos. A: Kevin Oditt
Clear Creek ISD Dist. 4: Jeff Larson
Goose Creek CISD Dist. 2: Mercedes Renteria
Goose Creek CISD Dist. 5: Ben Pape (Incumbent)
Humble ISD Pos. 1: Robert Sitton (Incumbent)
Humble ISD Pos. 2: Chris Parker
Humble ISD Pos. 4: Janie Branham and Ken Kirchhofer
Jersey Village Mayor: Bobby Warren
Jersey Village Council Pos. 3: Ashley Brown
Pasadena Mayor: Jeff Wagner (Incumbent)
Pasadena City Council Pos. B: Bill Pittman
Pasadena City Council Pos. E: J.T. Thomas
Pasadena City Council Pos. H: Thomas Schoenbein (Incumbent)
Pearland City Council Pos. 4: Adrian Hernandez (Incumbent)
Spring Branch ISD Pos. 4: Christopher Earnest
West University Place Mayor: Susan SampleCheck the Voter Guide for more candidate info.

Leadership Institute Campaign Workshop

The Leadership Institute’s 2021 Texas Campaign Workshop Tour is coming to Harris County on May 22. The program helps current and prospective candidates, as well their teams and volunteers identify the steps required to run a successful campaign.

Ideal attendees for the Campaign Workshop are individuals looking to become more politically active. Candidates, spouses, campaign staff, activists, and volunteers should attend. This program teaches you how to manage or contribute to a winning campaign. You will learn to create a campaign, finance, and communications plan. Additional on-demand content, which complements this material, is available to program enrollees.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Develop a campaign strategy
• Determine voting goals and voter targeting
• Create a compelling message
• Fundraise for a campaign

May 22, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Studio Movie Grill – City Centre
822 Town and Country Blvd
Houston, TX 77024
Registration fee is $75. No walk-ins. Click here for an agenda.

Join the Harris County Republican Party

Building our party is a team effort, and winning elections takes all of us. If you haven’t signed up to join our team as a volunteer, now is the time!

Whether it’s working as a poll watcher, block walking in your neighborhood, or making phone calls to reach voters, we need all hands on deck to take back Harris County! We have a lot of volunteer opportunities – start by signing up and filling out the form, and we’ll get back to you as we organize for this election cycle.

Your financial support will allow us to develop our local party, train and provide resources to volunteers and candidates, expand our voter base, and help Republicans win elections.