June 25, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

Hey Lina, the crime rate is more than just a statistic!

For the last six months as I have met with precinct chairs, donors, volunteers, and grassroots activists around the county, the issue of the rising crime in Harris County always comes up!

People share story after story of having their car vandalized, being held up in their driveway, or my own story of being mugged as I stepped into a restaurant earlier this year. Just this week the number of murders in Houston are 100 more than in 2020. That is a 42% increase over 2020. We have surpassed Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in the increase in homicides.

Last month I was at an event seated at a table with a police officer from the Houston Police Department. When he heard that I was the chairman of the local Republican Party, he said, “I always vote for Republican judges.” We went on to discuss how Republican judges tend to follow the Constitution and the law, instead of “interpreting” it from the bench like what is happening in Harris County now. He stated that the police were trying to do their job, but the activist Democrat criminal court judges continue to let violent repeat offenders back out onto the street with little or no bond.

Are you surprised that Lina (and Rodney and Adrian) spent the spring fighting legislation that would have made it difficult for repeat violent criminals to get out on bail? They continue to ignore the reality of the rising crime across the county. They justified their position against legislation that would stop the revolving door down in Harris County Criminal Courts because it would cause rising legal bills for the county. The safety of our neighborhoods should not be a partisan issue! Lina, Rodney, Adrian and the Democrat activist judges should not place the interests of violent criminals over the desire of law-abiding citizens to live in county that is safe for them and their families.

The Harris County Republican Party believes the safety of the communities they represent should be a high priority of all elected officials.  To that extent we are actively recruiting candidates so that we have a full slate of judicial candidates on the 2022 ballot. If you are interested or know a potential candidate who is interested in running for judge, please contact Jessica Padilla, Chairman of our Judicial Screening Committee at [email protected].

Also, see the following notice of a town hall that Houston City Councilman Greg Travis is hosting on July 15th on the rising crime and what you can do about it (besides vote out the Democrats).

As we look to the 2022 elections, the safety of you and your family is at stake. The rights of law-abiding citizens should always take precedent over the rights of criminals.  So, remind anyone you know who voted for Lina, Adrian, Rodney and the gang that elections matter! It’s time to make Harris County safe again!

Warm Regards-

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party