March 8, 2021

H.R. 1 is Not Designed to Protect Your Vote or Your Voice

Democrats in Congress are pushing partisan legislation that would radically change how we conduct elections and diminish the power of the vote and your voice by empowering the federal government to interfere. This sweeping measure called “H.R. 1” is Nancy Pelosi’s number one priority and now heads to the Senate after passing the House. Instead of allowing states, as they always have, to conduct their own elections, Democrats’ plan is to allow a narrow partisan majority led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to unilaterally nationalize and dictate the rules and processes for every county or locality.

Here’s why this bill is bad for the American people:

1) H.R. 1 sends federal dollars to fund political campaigns – not to build roads or bridges but to add 600% of federal money to every small dollar donated by Americans.

2) H.R. 1 legalizes voting for convicted felons all over the country – even if they were convicted of election fraud. This is dangerous and unconstitutional.

3) H.R. 1 weakens the security of our elections and makes it harder to protect against voter fraud. Voting is a right, not a mandate, but this bill would automatically register voters from DMV and other government databases. In most cases, it would actually prevent officials from removing ineligible voters from the rolls and would make it much more difficult to verify the accuracy of voter information. Future voters might be underage or dead or illegal immigrants, or registered two or three times. Democrats don’t care. They also want to count mail-in votes that arrive up to ten days after Election Day, mandate 15 days of early voting, allow ballot harvesting, and ban voter ID laws.

4) H.R. 1 undermines free-speech rights by imposing onerous legal and administrative burdens on candidates, civic groups, unions, and nonprofit organizations. This is an outrageous attack on the First Amendment.

The litany of bad initiatives in this bill – which would override the will of the states – goes on and on. However, most Democrats don’t seem to believe the states should have these rights – especially not Texas or the red states.

H.R. 1 is not designed to protect your vote or your voice. We must restore public confidence in our elections by upholding the Constitution and pushing for state-based reform that will protect the integrity of the vote for every American.