June 4, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

Last summer I watched in horror as our country’s cities went up in flame and Americans burned other Americans’ homes and businesses. Our police were hamstrung as the Left chanted, “Defund the Police” and mayors and city councils across the country slashed police budgets.

Then we saw crime go up across the country – specifically in cities where the police had been demoralized and budgets cut. Democrat leaders blamed Covid and people being unable to work.

What does Houston and Harris County have in common with other Democrat-led cities and counties across the country? A crime rate that is rising. Just last weekend Houston had 10 homicides reported bringing the total to almost 190 for 2021. This is a 21% increase over 2020.

Is it any wonder with the defund the police movement that crime has risen specifically in cities that have slashed police budgets? Is it any wonder that police are demoralized and leaving law enforcement in record numbers?

In Harris County we have the added factor of a group of Democrat activist criminal court judges who continually release violent criminals back onto the streets with little or no bail.

How do we stop this? It stops at the ballot box in November 2022 with your help when the Harris County Republican Party runs and supports a full slate of judicial candidates, who strictly and fairly apply the law to our court system.

Please help us as we look to the 2022 elections. Donate today to help all of our candidates (including judicial) get elected! We can’t do it without your support!   


Together we can send a strong message to the Democrats that Harris County Republicans believe that every family in Harris County deserves to live in a safe neighborhood.

Warm Regards-

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party

Special Announcement

The Republican Party of Texas announced today that Chairman Allen West has resigned.  The Harris County Republican Party wishes Chairman West the best and thanks him for his service to the Republican Party and the great state of Texas.