June 11, 2021

HCRP Newsletter | The Right Direction

Hey, Dems- Who are you calling racist?

Today we live in an environment where honest and respectful discussion and debate over issues has disappeared from the public front. I hear constantly from other Republicans that they are consistently called “racist”, “sexist”, etc. whenever people don’t agree with their point of view. This is nothing more than being a bully and an attempt to shut down the conservative voice.

I experienced this personally in a discussion with a Democrat friend about election security. I told her that I believed there was voter fraud this past November (which we have substantiated here in Harris County). Her response to me was, “I suppose you think it occurred where black people live.”

This seems to be the common Democrat protocol today. If they don’t agree with our values or position on issues, they try to shut us down by name calling.

My question is who really is the racist in the room? Republican elected officials in Austin and Washington trying to ensure that America’s elections remain free or someone like Rep. Ilhan Omar who has consistently made inflammatory statements that have fueled racism and anti-Semitism in our country?

I am not naïve enough to think that there is no racism in our country. But having differing opinions is not racism. Furthermore, the Republican Party is not racist. The Republican Party is the party of hope and opportunity for all people – regardless of their race.

It was actually the Republican Party who ended slavery in our country. Today it is the Republican Party that promotes policies that encourage the individual’s effort to achieve the American dream. It is the Republican Party that stands for the belief in our freedoms and that “all men are created equal.”

We cannot afford to let the Democrats continue their rhetoric of hate all in the name of being “progressive.” It is time to stop their attempts to silence our conservative voice. We need to send a message with our voice and our vote to those that want to tear our freedoms down. Will you stand with us and join our efforts here in Harris County?

It is time to stop the destruction of America and that starts at the ballot box! Any donation over the next week will be dedicated to our efforts to prevent voter fraud in Harris County. We can’t do it without your support!  


Together we can send a strong message to the Democrats that Harris County Republicans believe in America and will stand up for our freedoms, which include secure elections.   

Warm Regards-

Cindy Siegel
Harris County Republican Party